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Working with AMF model

API console does not offer parsing API file(s) to the data model. This is done by the AMF parser provided by MuleSoft.

For both stand-alone application and the web component version of API console you must set AMF generated model on amf property of the console. The source can a be direct result of parsing API spec file by the AMF parser or a JSON+ld model stored in a file. For a performance reasons the later is preferred.

  const model = await generateApiModel();
  const apic = document.querySelector('api-console');
  apic.amf = model;
  // reset selection
  apic.selectedShape = 'summary';
  apic.selectedShapeType = 'summary';

The generateApiModel() function can either get cached model or parse an API project to the model. See Parsing API project document for more information.