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API Console CLI

API Console CLI is a tool to bundle API Console stand-alone application, (re)generate API model, and to preview the console's UI in a development server before serving it in your web server.

The api-console command version >= 2.0.0 works with API Console version 6. Previous versions of API Console are not supported by this tool.


Install the tool globally (if possible, it requires administrative privileges in some cases)

npm i -g api-console-cli

macOS and Linux users should add sudo prefix to the command.

Building API Console application


api-console build -t TYPE [options] FILE

The two required parameters is -t which describes the type of the API to process and the location of the API main file.

The type has to be one of the supported API formats.

By default the tool will choose application/yaml media type when processing an API. It works with RAML and OAS 3 (YAML) files. However, when processing OAS 2/3 JSON based APIs then specify -m parameter with application/json media type. For example:

api-console build -t "OAS 2.0" -m "application/json" api.json

The FILE can be either a local file or it can be a remote file that is located on accessible from your computer web server. FTP is not supported. For example:

api-console build -t "RAML 1.0"

To provide own theme definition that replaces default styles define the --theme parameter that points to the css file to be used in the bundle.

api-console build --theme "styles.css" -t "RAML 1.0"

See full list of available options by running help command:

api-console build --help

Previewing bundled console

The CLI tool has build-in web server that allows to preview the generated bundle. The server does not apply any transformations to generated sources so it will behave as any other web server.


api-console serve [options] [LOCATION]

When the console was built in the current directory just run api-console serve command. It checks whether build directory exists in current location (default build output directory) and if so then it serves content from this folder. Otherwise it serves content from current directory. Alternatively specify the LOCATION parameter to point to the server root directory.

api-console serve output/directory

(Re)generating API data model


api-console generate-json -t TYPE [options] FILE

This command allows to generate api-model.json file. API processing options (FILE, -t, -m) are the same as for build command.

Detailed output

It is possible to output debug information of what the tool is doing by passing --verbose option. Currently only build command prints debug messages.